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#1 Dolly & Kenny Tribute

   As seen on Oprah, Jay Leno Tonight Show & CNN News

Now, don't go and get me into any trouble.
Kenny Rogers, remarking on the likeness, after meeting Marty Edwards.

Marty looks more like him [Kenny] than he [Kenny] does.
Carolyn Cooke, Surrey Now Newspaper - see above for the full article.

Of course I know who you are - you're Kenny Rogers.
Brandi Bjorklund, Miss Montana 2000, as she mistook Edwards for Kenny Rogers.

Marty Edwards' shows are an incredible tribute to Kenny Rogers - a must see for all Kenny fans! I should know. I've booked the real Kenny Rogers
Les Vogt-Producer/Legends of Rock and Roll

Our audience was amazed by Marty's tribute to Kenny Rogers. On stage, Marty Edwards IS Kenny Rogers!
Derek Bunce - Funtastic Music Festival

I love watching the faces of the audience when Marty comes out on stage singing. You can tell they are blown-away!
Dale Crump - Promoter-Whatever Works Productions

I have to tell you that I've heard from so many people who attended our show in Sooke, how much they enjoyed your tribute to Kenny Rogers. People were truly amazed by how much you look and sound like Kenny!
Candy Little - "Naomi" of the Counterfeit Judds

I can't believe how much you look like Kenny Rogers.
Linda C., Photographer to the stars

He looks like Kenny, he sounds like Kenny - Gentlemen, hold on to your ladies, Ladies hold on to your hearts, here comes Kinda Kenny!
Grant Eisworth - CanAm Rally

Incredible! Some of the audience actually thought they were watching the real Kenny.
Zelia Simoes - Okanagan RV

This guy has the look, the sound, and the mannerisms down perfect.
Pastor Tim Oulette - Vernon, BC

Awesome! If you like Kenny Rogers, you are going to love "Kinda Kenny".
Teresa Mew - concert organizer

Highly convincing!
Nick Hoppner - Editor of Wing World Magazine, Gold Wing Road Riders Association

Gerald Zucht - ARCUS

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